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Stories of Delft scientists, students and entrepreneurs

Through TU Delft | Global Initiative scientists from Delft University of Technology use their expertise to find concrete solutions for problems faced by people in developing countries. Their brief: to find solutions that will benefit everyone. In close partnership with local scientists and entrepreneurs they aim to make an impact and improve people’s lives. And they’re using cutting-edge science and technology to do it.

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What we do

TU Delft | Global Initiative is the platform, portal and booster of Science and Technology for Global Development at Delft University of Technology. We inspire, mobilise, stimulate and facilitate TU Delft Global Community (researchers, students and entrepreneurs). We inspire and mobilise through network meetings, interactive work lunches and seminars from people in the field.  We stimulate through our own funding instruments: the TU Delft Global Research Fellowships grants (PhD-positions), staff exchange funds, small funds for Delft social start-ups and ad hoc co-financing of global development related events, activities and student projects. We facilitate in acquiring research funding, in finding relevant (local) partners and stimulate related social entrepreneurship.  We work on long term partnerships with partners (universities, NGOs, private partners and government) in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.

The 4 key elements of TU Delft | Global Initiative are Global Challenges, High-tech Science, Co-Creation and Local Impact.

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